CEO Miyuki Nagai (Baba)
Marketing Specialist, Beauty Analyst, Beauty Food Adviser, Food Consultant,

With great experiences and talented in Beauty and Cosmetics, and Food industry of Japan for long time, Miyuki has worked on Marketing produce of a huge range of Beauty and Cosmetics, and Food.
First of all her beauty categories contains the one sold in Japan such as “Variety” (Easy and cheap Cosmetics), “Department Stores’ Cosmetics” (high brands), “Monopolies for professional salons”, of expensive or high brands’ beauty salons, and others. She has great experienced as conductors of some Cosmetics brands and manufacturing as for product development, branding, PR and sales promotion, and to contribute these establishment and promoted sales. During the development of Japanese marketing systems, she created an only systems and methods.
Miyuki has realized that Food also alternatively relates with beauty fields because great diets will make humans’ health and beauty. Her own studies and investigation on Food industry has achieved her original opinions and methods of consulting. Miyuki performs as a Beauty Analyst, Beauty Food Adviser, and Food consultant to tell her unique point of view from her marvelous experiences and original investigation. Her activities produce marketing support, special lecture, and writing columns.
Miyuki has acted as a translator from/to Japanese and English since 2008 to flourish her business. She can cope with the range of business, chemistry of a field of beauty or cosmetics, a part of medical/biology, and an environmental issue. As her volunteer action for Japan Wildlife Conservation Society (Non-profit Organization), that is translation some would-wide news into Japanese, and some researches about environmental issues often promote her understanding biodiversity, sustainability, and any environmental fields. Miyuki has cashed in her business as beauty and food expert.

Organic Cosmetics Promotion Committe(link: only in Japanese)

There are still confusions or misunderstandings about Organic Cosmetics in Japan. For its prosperity, Miyuki has set up a unique organization, Organic Cosmetics Promotion Committee, since 2011 to contribute to solve these confusions and misunderstandings on Japanese market. She has held some events and round-table talks for many consumers and beauty professionals such as manufacturers and salon managers, which are very popular among them.


Myuty-Chic, Co., Ltd.
Establishment: May 2, 2011
Address: 2-14-2-104 Nakane Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-0031, Japan
Account: Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank
Business: Marketing Support and consulting,
Media Community Operation
Support for New Entry to Japanese Market
Operation an experts’ alliance “M-Chic TIPS” which covers women’s
products and services
Translation (English⇔Japanese)