For women’s social and cultural prosperity, Myuty-Chic creates a great sensation into the women economy.

Marketing Support Business / New Entry Japanese Market Business

We Myuty-Chic develops your products and brands spread and promote into Japanese market of Beauty, food, and others, of the way which is very unique style in Japan. Especially, Organic/Natural Cosmetic and Organic Food are our two-top lines that we have originally investigated, analyzed, and contributed to improve the market because it has still confusion and weakness on Japanese market of specially its cosmetic.
Our expert knowledge and experience would fluently produce your products and bland into Japanese market.
First of all, as for your importation, we introduce and lecture Japanese market and system of distribution. Then, we support your application and approval for your export procedures. We can also translate documents, leaflets, and homepages-making of your brands and products with easy to make through into the market on our own.
As for sales, we introduce you the best buyers or distrusters, and we produce our own sale promotion with them.
On the second stage after the importation, our most unique flow of marketing direction in Japan would support your brands and products, which contains the “total marketing support” such as Product Development and Consulting, Sale Promotion, and PR Promotion.
Our rule as your general agents would lead you great benefits on your business.