Beauty Creation Motivates Women's Economy.

Beauty Creation to Future
Myuty-Chic provides our Beauty Creation which diversified supports for Women’s society.

Myuty-Chic is an unique comprehensive Marketing Company, which strongly focuses on women’s products such as beauty and food. For customers’ needs, we develop and totally support your Products-Development/Consulting, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations towards to Japanese markets. We also operate our community through the medium of our beauty web site, focusing on beauty and health, as an original promotion tool to benefit your marketing.
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We lead to promote Organic/Natural Cosmetics as the only organization in Japan, so-called “Organic Cosmetics Promotion Committee,” that have pointed out original industrial and market analysis of Japan. Our committee explains Japanese misunderstandings and confusion, has still remained, about Organic/Natural Cosmetics in Japan, and promotes benefits of it throughout creating some kinds of events. Organic/Natural Cosmetics generally relate with food and agriculture. With those cosmetics’ activities and expert knowledge on food marketing, we can also introduce Organic Foods into Japanese market for foreign manufactures. Our supports would significantly contribute your beauty and food in introducing promoting, and spreading market into Japan.